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The Studio

Newborn Photography is our specialty! The Houston area studio is completely filled with everything needed to capture your perfect little one!

The Studio

Professional Baby Photography Studio in Richmond TX  is filled with unique antique props and neutral textures. All of my newborn tiebacks, bows and bonnets are handmade from high end materials. The goal is to photograph newborn babies, not the props surrounding her/him. By choosing only the best knitted props and high quality wool, we are able to give your images a unique and luxurious end product.  We are constantly on the search for new unique props and warm colors. Our reclaimed barn wood floors are used in almost every newborn session with our rustic bowls, beds, and buckets.

Newborn sessions take approximately 1-2 hours and are done in the first two weeks after birth. Before your session we will send you a “How to Prepare” Guide that will help you understand what you need to do beforehand to have a successful newborn session. When you come in with your little peanut I will have you do a feeding and then we will start the session. Because a lot of the poses I do are unclothed shots, the room will be a warm 80 degrees for babies safety. I will then work back and forth from the bean bag (newborn posing bag) and my gorgeous reclaimed barn wood floors (prop shots). Generally my goal is to get 4 poses on the posing bag and 3-4 prop shots. As you know, babies tend to run the show so I have my tricks to get you a full gallery in case baby is a little fussy.

Safety is our number one priority for newborn sessions! We take great pride in delivering a beautiful gallery that was achieved with all the safety measure we know and were trained with. Many poses that you see in our final gallery are what is called composite shots, where a hand never leaves the baby but is taken in parts and photo shopped together. We also do things like put heavy weighs in the bottom of props to prevent any tipping or prop movement. You may also notice that we use our hands a lot for the first shots in each pose to make sure that our light does not startle baby. We have spent many many hours training with some of the best newborn photographers around the world to make sure we are current and well educated on safe posing and many other skills. These are only some of the things we do to make sure that your baby is safely posed at all times.


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How long do newborn sessions last?

Newborn sessions vary however most sessions are completed between 1-2 hours. Before your session you will receive a newborn prep guide that if followed will result in amazing pictures!

Do I need to bring anything to my session?

Our newborn studio is packed with the gorgeous props, you do not need to bring anything! We have you covered with everything that will be needed.

Why is it important to hire a newborn photography specialist?

All of my time is focused on newborn photography, which means that all my training has been geared for this. I want every single safety measure taken place during your session. With years of training and over 800 newborn session experience, you can rest easy that your baby is in great hands!